Session 6

Race Against Time


Crom (Andrew)


Alaric Kinslayer (Dustin)

Alexander Nightwalker (Jimmy)

Cyric the Black (Jason)


Alexander – 1 Conflicted Gamekeeper

Cyric - 1 Positive Hierophant [RESOLVED – Orb of skulls]

Alaric - 2 Positive Pirate King [RESOLVED – Called in the entire pirate fleet to assist with Paelford], 1 Conflicted Pirate King


Alaric called in his favors with the Pirate King to come assist with the attack on Paelford. The entire Order of the Ravens was mobilized to try and hold the undead at bay. Alaric called the Pirate King and asked for his assistance, and the party set out.

There were three pressing issues: the massing armies, the T'Nad tower, and protecting evacuating civilians. The party chose to attack T'Nad tower, and set out alongside other Ravens.

In the forest they encountered a corrupted Owlbear, a banshee, and some zombies, which they defeated thanks to some deadly strikes from Alaric. Then they approached the moat surronding the T'Nad and fought a group of ten skeletons to cross the bridge they were protecting. Cyric destroyed and reformed four of the skeletons to turn the tide, and the party defeated the remaining skeletons to cross the corrupted moat.

The party then ventured inside the tower to see what awaited them.


Session: 2 regular

Total: 11

Full Heal Ups

Session: 0

Total: 3


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