Session 4

Long Shadows


Crom (Andrew)


Alaric Kinslayer (Dustin)

Alexander Nightwalker (Jimmy)

Cyric the Black (Jason)


Alexander – 1 Conflicted Gamekeeper 

Cyric - 1 Positive Archmage, 1 Conflicted Hierophant [RESOLVED – Half orc assassins attacked them at the Inn]

Alaric - 1 Positive Pirate King


The group spoke with Father Schurer about what was going on. He revealed that the leylines had been corrupted, and there was a nearby node at Eagle Ridge Farmstead. The group purchased horses and a fancy carriage then set out for the farm. 

At the farm they found the peasants were pale and hallowed. They asked to meet the lord, Heiran. Cyric posed as a more powerful necromancer and asked why they had fallen behind. Heiran and his peasants took them to the nearby lake where they had a secret underground viewing glass, through which the party saw it was almost stacked to the brim with the bodies of local peasants. The heroes slaughtered Heiran and his cohorts without mercy. 

Through this they learned that these corpses were being used to corrupt the leylines, in the hopes of eventually corrupting the shard core itself. They rode off to the Baron Gronheim's fortress – Korlach Keep - to find out more. There they stayed in an inn just outside Korlach's walls, where they learned the entire back part of his estate was a large enchanted (and dangerous) forest. 

That night they were assailed by half-orc assassins hired by the Hierophant to get revenge on Cyric for their past run-ins. The heroes dispatched the assassins without much effort.


Session: 1

Total: 7

Full Heal Ups

Session: 0

Total: 2


The most important aspect though, was the group being reunited with their own ship!

Session 4
JiveProfessor JiveProfessor

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