Session 9

Put a Ring On It


Crom (Andrew)


Alaric Kinslayer (Dustin)

Alexander Nightwalker (Jimmy)

Cyric the Black (Jason)


Alexander – Conflicted Gamekeeper, Positive Gamekeeper

Cyric - Positive Hierophant

Alaric - 



Alaric  – Masa Kiri, 

Cyric - Nightmare and the Skeleton Crew, (Manager)

Alexander – Macho Monster,  (Technician)

KWL Personel

Thaddius Fizzlebum, chairman and organizer. Always pushing for the next big score, loves to be in the ring and be a part of the show.

Chip Dash, announcer. A bit by the numbers, a little nasal, but a great announcer.

Montar, referee. A beholder who plays by the rules but pays too much attention to the crowd.

Halfling Announcer table = Spanish Announcer table

Wardancer is assigned to the stable, is a Heel High Flyer.

The event takes place in the New Harrington Diamond Dome.

Alaric's dad had Crab motif, part of a stable with Pirate King (the W.A.L.L.), protecting the legacy/honor of true wrestling. Fighting back the "Shadowlander," a rival team of underhanded wrestlers. 

Cyric talks with the original manager of the W.A.L.L. (Hiruma Jin) who has retired, but now Cyric is his character resurrected. Hiruma Jin retired after a hardcore match went awry and a tetsubo hit a baby in the crowd. The sKeleton Krew will be protecting the crowd to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Nightmare – Hailing from the Abyss Beyond. Entrance – skeletal bannermen and rolling smoke with bells tolling/torches burning while skeletons march with red lighting because you are coming from the Abyss.

Masa Kiri - Hailing from the Savage Lands. Entrance – illusion that looks like monsters rushing the crowd, but a illusionary wall pops up and traps them. Then the wall spins and Masa Kiri bursts through.

Macho Monster – Hailing the Heart of Madness. Entrance – smoke kicks up from the curtains, some pink lights, pomp and circumstance.


The Card


Macho Monster vs T Flex – T Flex booked to win. T Flex won after using Cratertaceous period.


Masa Kiri and Nightmare vs Holy Avenger and Altarcation (Holy Rollers) – HA/A booked to win. Masakiri and Nightmare win after Nightmare interferes with booking, then Macho Madness whipped Altarcation when he returned.

Commercial Break – Citizen Snips commemorative Netherpocalypse CLXXV crystal ball viewers. Allows the viewer to watch that entire Netherpocalypse, his most famous.

Grognar's Dwarf Rinds, of dwarfs for dwarfs.

Bugman's Best Brew, the official drink of the KWL.

Blue Muscle Milk, with 33% more roids than the leading prootein. 

Wardancer vs Rude Gelatinous Dude – Wardancer booked to win, but match is DQ'd because of Masa Kiri run-in. Creative books Wardancer against the W.A.L.L. in finale.

Masa Kiri and Macho Monster and Nightmare vs Wardancer and Holy Avenger and Altarcation - Players booked to win. Players win by essentially massacring the opposition. Citizen Snips and the Armory came out to talk trash, challenged them to a match next week. Then the heroes finished up.



Total: 15

Full Heal Ups

Session: 1

Total: 7


JiveProfessor JiveProfessor

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