Session 1



Crom (Andrew)


Alaric Kinslayer (Dustin)

Alexander Nightwalker (Jimmy)

Cyric the Black (Jason)


Alexander – 1 Positive Gamekeeper [RESOLVED – Representative of Gamekeeper presented him the Deck of the One-Eyed Ogre, contraband he once confiscated], 1 Conflicted Gamekeeper [RESOLVED – Dwarfs messing with his sleep due to stopping a prior game fixing/cheating thing, dropping him one recovery]

Cyric - 1 Positive Hierophant [RESOLVED – Fellow undead fighters from the Temple of Constellations gave him 1 healing potion for past service], 1 Conflicted Hierophant [RESOLVED – Rejal tipped off pirates as soon as the group took the job with Durithan]

Alaric - 1 Conflicted Pirate King [RESOLVED – Pirates have a bounty on Alaric's head]


Cyric helped Alaric and Alexander join the Order of the Raven, formally taking the oath before Grand Castellan Kithak and Captain Vaeril. Cyric playfully tricked the two newcomers to kneel during the oath as a test of endurance. The group celebrated at the Puzzled Toad, a local tavern.

The next day at the Raven's Call three calls stood out: Jamond, Indimel, and Durithan.

Jamond was a Halfling male from Paelford whose people were under attack by monsters, but the nobles would not help. Paelford was applying to join the Centuriad.

Indimel was a Human female from Alund whose people raise Gryphons, but they have been dying of unknown ailments and eggs are going missing.

Durithan was a Dwarven male traveling to Zarka, hoping to hire aid to help smuggle goods to the frontier folk there who had settled illegally.

The Ravens decided to help Durithan and Jamond, in that order. Jamond took the Myst Raven to Paelford to await the Ravens' arrival, where Durithan would drop them when that mission was complete.

The party journeyed with Durithan and his steampunk Dwarf crew aboard the Stoutbow through the cloudsea, and en route to Zarka were attacked by two pirate ships. The pirates began boarding and the group fought off the first assault team before going below decks to battle a 'rat king' and his gaggle of rats. 


Session: 2 

Total: 2

Full Heal Ups

Session: 0

Total: 0


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