Session 2

Missing Villagers


Crom (Andrew)


Alaric Kinslayer (Dustin)

Alexander Nightwalker (Jimmy)

Cyric the Black (Jason)


Alexander – 1 Positive Gamekeeper [RESOLVED – Representative of Gamekeeper presented him the Deck of the One-Eyed Ogre, contraband he once confiscated], 1 Conflicted Gamekeeper [RESOLVED – Dwarfs messing with his sleep due to stopping a prior game fixing/cheating thing, dropping him one recovery]

Cyric - 1 Positive Hierophant [RESOLVED – Fellow undead fighters from the Temple of Constellations gave him 1 healing potion for past service], 1 Conflicted Hierophant [RESOLVED – Rejal tipped off pirates as soon as the group took the job with Durithan]

Alaric - 1 Conflicted Pirate King [RESOLVED – Pirates have a bounty on Alaric's head]


The heroes returned above decks and fought off another wave of pirate attacks, this time facing off against a duelist, an alchemical gunner, and three more rifleman. Once defeated, the heroes acquired the satchel of alchemical orbs and now have eight of them in four different varieties [2 fire 2 smoke 2 explosion 2 Unknown]. They interrogated the Rat King to find out that there are other pirates on the Isle of Diamel. On Diamel the pirates are led by the orc pirate captain Kargaran Goldtooth, who has a dozen ships and a special breed of flying alligators called Togar. The pirates were tipped off about the adventurers’ location by someone named Rejal back on Tomoll, a name which Cyric did not recognize.
The Rat King was eaten by cloudsea fish.

The heroes arrived on Zarka to find no one at the slips and the entire town deserted, as if they had walked away mid-meal. They searched around to find a message scrawled on a bulletin board that directed them outside of town, where they encountered traps laid by the survivors. The party also discovered a pentagram drawn around the town with snake heads at the five points. Cyric reversed the skulls to redirect the spell at the creator. After befriending the group, they found that they were led by Harkov who had skills as a pathfinder and trap-maker. They had been outside of town when the ritual took over the town.

The townspeople had headed out into the jungle and were now being used to maintain an enormous pit. Some villagers were cutting away vegetation while others kept pushing mud down the funnel into an enormous opening at the bottom, feeding a constant sluice of mud and earth into the dark area below. The heroes got one of the villagers and Alexander used The Voice to break the control over the villager’s mind. The villagers were being watched by Getalin warriors.

They learned that a local madman Dohagen may have been involved. They went back to search his quarters and found a trap door leading to a deep tunnel beneath his home, full of shelves of strange items. Most peculiar was the dead Getalin and the carved rock they found. This rock was carved in intricate, overlapping patterns of varying depths that mentioned the name Shaz’Pilub and did not appear to be made by Dohagen.

They then had Harkov lead them to a nearby cave entrance to go into the tunnels below to try and find out where the rest of the villagers were. There they encountered a band of Getalin and defeated them.


Session: 2 [1 since Full Heal Up]

Total: 4

Full Heal Ups

Session: 1

Total: 1


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