Session 3

Knee Deep in Muck


Crom (Andrew)


Alaric Kinslayer (Dustin)

Alexander Nightwalker (Jimmy)

Cyric the Black (Jason)


Alexander – 1 Conflicted Gamekeeper 

Cyric - None

Alaric - 1 Conflicted Pirate King, 1 Positive Pirate King


The group located the central area where the mud was flowing onto a giant Bleed-corrupted monster. Getalin were pushing mud under the light of glowing runes towards the center pile. Ringing the outside of the room were more villagers stuck to the walls. The heroes destroyed some runes, then were chased into another alcove where they fought a Getalin patrol. They then discovered the holding area where the villagers were kept. They ambushed two more patrols, killing them without a fight, and bought time for the villagers to be evacuated. All that was left was the central area, where the heroes attacked the Mud Beast with Dohagen at its heart. After a long battle they slew it and rid the caverns of the monster, gathering what loot could be found and returning to the settlement. The villagers were soon roused from their dazed state and the settlement lived again. After much celebration and the selling of Durithan's goods, the town honored the party by naming the village Raven's Hollow. Cyric destroyed the ritual circle and the corrupted Bleed rock at the heart of Dohagen's monstrous form was boxed up and put on the ship. Word was sent back to Tomoll that the deed was done.

The settlement named itself Raven’s Hollow to honor the party, and the town threw Dohagen over the side to feed to the cloudsea sharks.

The party set out on the SS Stoutbow to Paelford. On the way Durithan paid them their cut and had drinks with the crew. In transit they were flagged down by a ship representing the Pirate King who delivered Crownbreaker to Alaric, his father’s axe restored as a favor by the Pirate King, as well as word that there was an issue regarding his father. The adventurers also discovered in the treasure they had taken from the caves of Zarka the Helm of the Adamant and the Fireheart Ring.

Upon arriving at Paelford the party met with Jamond, who informed them that the Elector Counts were ignoring or uninterested in the pain of the people. Many villages and towns were under assault nightly from all manner of horrible creatures – zombies, wolves, bats, and more. After breaking bread and enjoying a good smoke together the party went out at night to read from the book of the damned. It revealed corrupted leylines crisscrossing the Isle, many connected to popular centers and leading out into the dark woods. The party then went to a local church and summoned the ghost of Father Schurer to guide them.


Session: 2

Total: 6

Full Heal Ups

Session: 1

Total: 2


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