Session 5

Looming Shadows


Crom (Andrew)


Alaric Kinslayer (Dustin)

Alexander Nightwalker (Jimmy)

Cyric the Black (Jason)


Alexander – 1 Conflicted Gamekeeper [Disregarded]

Cyric - 1 Positive Archmage [RESOLVED – Vola and mystic carriage to bail the party out], 1 Conflicted Hierophant [RESOLVED – Half orc assassins attacked them at the Inn]

Alaric - 1 Positive Pirate King [RESOLVED – Barty Barts was in town, Alaric's old buddy]


Streams of nobles poured into the keep and village, and it quickly turned into a party town. One of the laborers turned out to be Barty Barts, Alaric's old friend, who was inadvertently working for a vampire noble Sir Adelgar. Alaric sent him back to the ship, then the party snuck through the route in the enchanted forest that Barty Barts revealed.

The pathway was safe but the trees were corrupted, and produced disgusting ichor when cut open. Cyric recalled the lessons of Professor Sprout and determined that the soil itself was corrupted by the Bleed or foul magics. The party snuck around the laborers' village and mimicked the undead laborers to enter the keep. 

While searching the keep, the heroes discovered that Hallowbane – also known as mustard – would repel vampires. Cyric used a ritual to keep the vampires sleeping while the party found the coffin room on the floor below and set the entire room aflame, with skeletons carrying mirrors waiting outside to shine daylight on them.  The party quickly headed outside after starting the fire.

Before the fire had really taken off, they discovered an outline of the ritual beneath the smithy showing the forest/keep/wall as a moon at the center of the leyline network. However, before the adventurers left the fire had spread and vampires were streaming out of the keep and exploding.

Baron Grenheim appeared at the top of the keep and began producing giant clouds overhead. He and Alexander got into a shouting match over the shadow, and Cyric tossed an unholy blast to stall him. Before Grenheim could retaliate, a mystic carriage appeared behind the party driven by Vola, a bluecap servant of the Archmage. They loaded up and blasted through the corrupted forest before Grenheim could destroy them.

They were pursued by two giant flying bat monsters as they retreated to their shyp. The batmonsters tried to destroy their wagon wheels, but Alaric leapt onto one bat and crushed it to the ground while tied to the wagon. He then surfed the bat body to the other side and tangled up the second batmonster with the rope, collapsing all of them into a big tumbling bundle.

The heroes doubled back to pick up Alaric, and grabbed Jamond before leaving the Isle. They sent the appropriate messages to the Corvus Keep and by the time they arrived at Tomoll the entire Isle was preparing for war.

It had begun.


Session: 1 regular, 1 circumvented

Total: 9

Full Heal Ups

Session: 1

Total: 3


JiveProfessor JiveProfessor

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