Outsiders made of a goopy substance. Some of the most common of Outsiders encountered in Kal'Dea, often with an intelligence slightly above ants.

Getalin Gloop


Initiative +6

AC 18

Level 2

Poison bite +7 vs. AC—6 damage, and 4 ongoing poison damage

Miss: If the target is dazed, hampered, or stuck, it takes 4 extra damage.


Made of Goop: When an enemy of level 4 or lower rolls a natural 1–5 with a melee attack against an ettercap hunter, that enemy is dazed (save ends).

PD 14


MD 14


HP 32

Mud Beast


Initiative +2

AC 18

Level 3

Close: Acid-drenched pseudopod +8 vs. PD (1d4 attacks, each against a different nearby enemy); 6 acid damage

Natural even hit: 3 ongoing acid damage.

Splitter: Every time the Mud Beast is hit by an attack it spawns a Getalin Gleep. If the damage is 15 or higher it spawns a Getalin Gloop with HP equal to the damage done.

Mud eater: As a move action the Mud Beast may consume a mud pile to recover 1d12 HP. Limit 4 uses. If the runes have been damaged, this recover is 1d6 instead.

PD 17


MD 16


HP 90


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