Order of the Ravens

"I bear the burden, 'til strength is gone.

I guard the dusk, 'til light of Dawn."

The only Order not directly under the service of the Dawn Council on High Guard. They are treated with disdain by the other Orders, and are known for handling situations considered too sensitive or too beneath their more upstanding cousins. 

Corvax Keep is their headquarters on Tomoll, but they operate many keeps throughout the Isles. Each is overseen by a Castellan who answers to the Grand Castellan on Tomoll. 

Ravens bear the Sigil of the Raven, which is a small round pendant showing a raven's face with a gem for an eye. This can summon a mystic messenger raven when pressed that can fly in the air and the cloudsea. This raven can deliver messages to the home keep.

Order of the Ravens

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